Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry near Sacramento, CA

When you own a business, there are a hundred and one things to do every day. Don't waste a significant amount of that time doing laundry. Sign up for our commercial laundry service and let us take laundry off of your hands. We have commercial machines that can handle whatever type of laundry you have. 

  • Gyms / Spas - towels and robes
  • Industrial Businesses - uniforms, rags, towels
  • Colleges - student laundry, department laundry
  • Sports Teams - uniforms, towels
  • Doctor's Offices –uniforms, gowns
  • Pet Grooming –towels, pet beds
  • Airbnb / VRBO - area rugs, towels, beach towels, sheets, blankets, kitchen towels
  • Hotels / Motels - towels, comforters, sheets
  • Mechanics –uniforms, work rags
  • Hospitals / Clinics - uniforms, bed linens, scrubs
  • Restaurants / Catering - chair covers, linen napkins, tablecloths

If your business is not on the list, don't worry. We will work with whatever you have to give us. Now servicing Arden-Arcade, East Sacramento and Midtown Sacramento

The laundry service cost depends on a number of factors. Please fill out our Request a Bid form and tell us a little bit more about your laundry needs. 

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Commercial Laundry Services for Restaurants, Bars and Catering

Your linens will inevitably get dirty from food and drink spills, no matter how elegant your restaurant or event is. You need a professional laundry service that can handle tough stains and make your linens look immaculate. Our linen cleaning service has the expertise and equipment to do just that. Contact us today and see the difference we can make for your restaurant laundry needs.

Commercial Laundry Services for Medical Facilities

Cleanliness and sanitation are essential for any medical facility. This also applies to the laundry they handle. Hospitals and other facilities may need to wash sheets, blankets, scrubs and other linens. Some facilities may also need to take care of their patients' personal laundry. No matter what kind of medical facility you run, our medical laundry service can handle it. We will ensure that your linens meet your high standards.

Commercial Laundry Services for Airbnbs, VRBOs, HomeAway

Laundry is a big challenge for vacation rental hosts who use platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. Whether you rent out a single room or a whole house, you have to deal with washing sheets, blankets, towels and more. And with guests checking in and out frequently, laundry can pile up fast. That's why our Airbnb laundry service is the perfect solution for you. We will take care of your laundry needs and deliver fresh linens to you on time. You can focus on providing a great experience for your guests and leave the laundry to us.

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Commercial Laundry Services for Students

As the seasons change, so does your wardrobe. You might need to swap your light and breezy summer outfits for warmer and heavier winter wear. That means more laundry to deal with, especially if you are a college student living in a dorm. Why not save yourself the hassle and let us handle your laundry for you? Our student laundry service will pick up your dirty clothes and deliver them back to you within 24 hours. You can focus on your studies, while we focus on making your clothes clean and fresh.

Commercial Laundry Services for Spas & Salons

Customers come to spas and salons for a relaxing and luxurious experience. They expect to be treated with soft, clean towels and robes that enhance their comfort. However, it can be hard to maintain the quality of these items when they get stained by wax, oils, or polish. That's why our spa laundry service is here to help. We can take care of your towels, robes and sheets and deliver them back to you in perfect condition.

Commercial Laundry Services for Uniforms

Uniforms are essential for many professions, from amusement park vendors to high-end waiters. They need to be laundered after every shift to maintain hygiene and appearance. Our uniform laundry service can handle any type of uniform, whether it is a grease-stained mechanic's outfit or a doctor's scrubs. We will ensure that you look neat and professional.

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Commercial Laundry Services for Gyms, Rec Centers, Health Clubs

Towels are essential for places like gyms, rec centers, and health clubs, where people use them to wipe off sweat and leave them in damp heaps in the locker room. These towels require thorough washing and drying to ensure they are fresh and hygienic for the next use. Our towel cleaning laundry service will guarantee that your towels are always impeccably clean.

Commercial Laundry Services for Hotels and Motels

Running a hotel or motel can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to laundry. You may have your own laundry room, but what if your washer breaks down or you have a surge of guests? That's where our hotel laundry service comes in. We can handle all or part of your laundry needs, so you never run out of clean towels and linens. Whether you need us regularly or occasionally, we are here to help you keep your guests happy and comfortable.